Long Beach Limón Bar Soap
Long Beach Limón Bar Soap
Long Beach Limón Bar Soap

Long Beach Limón Bar Soap

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With lemons foraged from a very special tree near the sun-soaked beaches of Long Beach, CA, this bar will boost your mood! It's a light & bright daydream in a bar of soap!

Handmade in small batches on the rolling hills of the Palouse, JESS SOAP is made with love, good vibes, and always natural ingredients (locally grown and foraged!) With excellent quality in mind, the soaps at JESS SOAP are enhanced with medicinal plants & essential oils for a gentle cleanse to nourish and moisturize the body’s biggest organ (your skin).

Since all JESS SOAP is handcrafted in small batches, the soap you receive may vary slightly in color and from those pictured. All bars are hand-cut to approximately 4.5 oz.

SOAP CARE: When properly cared for, JESS SOAP is long-lasting! Natural fiber soap sacks are recommended - just hang it in the shower to air dry! Bars last longest when allowed to dry and stored in a well-ventilated space (allow water to fully drain after each use).

Ingredients: dried lemon zest, lemon EO, saponified coconut, olive, shea, and castor
oils, topped with a hint of gold mica


* all natural fragrance * palm oil free * vegan * natural colorant * cold process soap * plastic free*