Bath + Bubble Bomb (4 Pack)
Bath + Bubble Bomb (4 Pack)

Bath + Bubble Bomb (4 Pack)

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Your bathing routine deserves to be nourishing and therapeutic. Drop this Wild Nectar (blue agave, sweet coconut, lush cactus, and fresh citrus) fizz + foam bath tablet into bath water to release effervescent fizz & lush foam. Place bath tablet directly under running water to create a mountain of bubbles. 

4 individual 2oz Tablets

Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, Not tested on animals, Natural Ingredients.

It's a Bubble Bath, a Bubble Bar, a Bath Tablet, or a Bath Bomb! This does it all!

Made in the USA by Rock Creek Soaps (Billings, MT). Rock Creek Soaps partners with the non-profit: HER CAMPAIGN a rescue home for trafficked and abuse survivors, choosing to make a personal impact and do more than just give 1-5% of our proceeds with our Work Therapy Internship for women in need.

Materials and packaging come from sustainable sources; recyclable boxes are made in the USA. Shrinkfilm packaging is an oxo-biodegradable film that fully decomposes within 2-3 years.