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Stand Print

18" x 13.5" Limited Edition Print of original artwork by Cody F. Miller.

"On a human level everybody is responsible to their employer for the duties assigned. For anyone else to step in and correct their ways would be sheer presumption. If his master is satisfied, nothing else needs to be said. If the master is displeased, the appropriate steps will be taken. Every one of us on the highest of levels is called to be Christ’s servant, and this is where Paul continually returns. At the beginning of the letter he reminds the readers that he is Christ’s slave: now he recalls them to the recognition that each one of them occupies the same status.

"We all must stand, first and foremost as servants of the One who came to serve us at our lowest point. The woman holding the child stands firm on who she is as a follower of Christ. Nothing or no one will be able to separate her from this great reality. She may be surrounded by trouble on every side; she may be very weak on top of that; but she will stand, for the Lord is able to make her stand. It is the Lord’s power which upholds us and defeats evil, not our power. The battle belongs to the Lord, and many times He simply asks us to stand."

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