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The Way Home III Print

18" x 13" Limited Edition Print of original artwork by Cody F. Miller.

"Throughout my life I have found myself on the edge of some precipice not knowing what to do, where to go, or how to get there. Even before I had any real concept of who God was I prayed, and as things started to disintegrate around me and in me I prayed more. Over the years a number of those prayers were answered, though many not in the way I initially thought or wanted. However, as a friend once said, “There are times when His answers are not a response to what I asked, but satisfy me anyway.”

"God surprisingly answers the questions underneath my questions by placing people in my life who were not even on my radar, giving me yarn to mark my journey. He blesses me with individuals with bucketfuls of wisdom, patience, kindness, strength, humor and hospitality. Through this village of people, God saved my life and is showing me the way home."

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