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A swale is a space between places of higher ground. It’s a ditch, a valley, a creek-bed. It is shadowy. It brings things in and lets them go. Swales are murky and practical, voluptuous and textural. They are the spaces in between.

      Swale, in concept, is a dream-space, a curationboth place and space, conceived by owner/operator/ring-leader, Jessie Twigg-Harris. Yet Swale exists due to the talent, time, love, and support of Team Swalea collaboration of family, neighbors, makers, and supporters far and wide. Team Swale ranges in age from one to 93, and is made of big hearts, rough hands, and weird ideas. 



      Swale was born after Jessie moved to rural Palouse, Washington, and let the lifeblood of the area inform her ideas and work. Swale’s threshold is a retail storefront (on Main Street and online), offering handmade and thoughtfully sourced goods that reflect the rural radical life. Our inventory includes original screen-printed apparel and goods, art, pottery, apothecary, and supplies for the playful and adventurous. At the heart of Swale, behind the saloon doors, is a makerspace and production house - workshop and small-batch print shopa place of holy chaos. And eventually, Swale will not only become host to workshops and classes, but also a hub for hands-on experiences and creative community-building.


      Swale is built on connection, and we understand that no action, big or small, is singular. We thoughtfully source our materials, recognizing that minimizing waste and maximizing resources are crucial in caring for our planet. We aim to support BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women makers and artists by carrying their work, donating to critical organizations, and promoting visibility and awareness in rural places. And we are committed to staying open and curious as we practice learning and listening in our community, and globally. Swale stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and continues to explore ways we can use our platform to dismantle white supremacy and normalize rural anti-racism.