All the details

Swale is a small-batch manual print shop. Every print is hand-pulled. We print in primarily in monochromatic designs (single color ink per print). We use water-based inks - which means some inks are slightly opaque and the color of the garment may affect its final color. A variety of ink colors are available, and we are available to discuss your project in further detail in order to plan a design and color combo that you will love!

What surfaces can we screen-print on?

  • Variety of knitwear: tees, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, scarves, etc. (Clients can provide items or can purchase via Swale.)
  • Cotton and cotton blends
  • Fabric panels (for quilting, framing, DIY projects.)
  • Archival paper (for framing/display)

We are always happy to prepare project-specific quotes and recommendations for any prospective custom work. These are the general rates we will use to create an estimate for your project.

$50 | Single Screen Setup Fee (up to 13” x 17” space)

  • The screen remains the property of Swale but can be stored on behalf of the client for future printings.
  • Also note that multi-color designs may require multiple screens - set-up fee applies to each screen.

Design Assistance

  • Design labor may or may not be necessary. It depends on what imagery the client has prepared, and what they need help developing.
  • We can do some design assistance at Swale at our custom rate of $85/hour. For more complicated requests, we partner with a local designer at a rate of $125/hour.

Printing Costs 

  • $13 per single-color print (on items supplied by client)
  • Variable (on items supplied by Swale, depending on prices of garments/printing surfaces)
  • Multi-color design work will be charged differently - reach out for a quote.

If you are providing a ready-made design for screen-printing, we accept the following file formats, at your desired print size: tif, pdf, bmp, ai, indd, or psd. If you just have a sketch, a photo, or an idea, we are happy to assist you in making your screen-printing dream a reality (see fees above).