Animal Toy Set
Animal Toy Set

Animal Toy Set

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Let your little one get back to nature with imaginative travel through a forest, alive with all kinds animals! The Animal Set consists of an owl, a squirrel, a beaver, a deer, a rabbit, a duck, a bear, a fish, 4 timber logs, 2 trees, and a mountain that features a cave and waterfall.

This simple yet intentional play set allows maximum room for imagination and movement! (Pairs well with Animal Toy Set!)


Made in Thailand.

Since 1981, PlanToys®, has embraced a sustainable mind to respect and preserve natural resources for future generations. They believe that children are the real force behind this mission. Their well-designed toys made of reclaimed rubber woods help enhance the development of children from newborn to 5 years old, as these first five formative years are absolutely critical for their growth. They also strive to nurture children's imaginations with freedom of play and a closer relationship to nature.

PlanToys® works to develop the safest processes and use materials that cause minimal or no effects to staff, consumers, the environment, and the planet.