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Book Club Coffee

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Does your coffee habit match your book habit? Do you love smooth and mellow coffee like you love the smell of the library? Does your love language include a group of friends dissecting a great read?

We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive Book Club Coffee, a collaborative project between Swale and local roaster, Landgrove Coffee (Troy, Idaho). Book Club Brew is a smooth-bodied, medium roast with a warm honey aroma, recommended for press, pour-over, or espresso! Book Club Brew is fair trade and organic and is a blend of beans sourced from Peru and Ethiopia. 

A portion of every sale of Book Club Coffee is will be donated to the Palouse Rural Library (which we adore and happens to be across the street from Swale)!

For more info on Landgrove Coffee's process and operations, visit:

16 oz

Whole bean or Medium Grind