Rural Radical Coffee

Rural Radical Coffee

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Do you love awkward small-town grocery stores, horizons without city lights, long gravel driveways, strong coffee at dawn, and community organizing over the campfire? You may be a rural radical.

We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive Rural Radical Coffee, a collaborative project between Swale and local roaster, Landgrove Coffee (Troy, Idaho). Rural Radical Brew is a heavy-bodied, dark roast with deep and smoky undertones, sourced from Yepocapa, Guatemala.

Landgrove Coffee has a long-established Direct Trade relationship with the farmers of Yepocapa and the San Padrana Cooperative, investing directly in lives of the farmers. (For more info on Landgrove Coffee's process and operations, visit:

But for now, whether you pour-over, press, percolate, or's time for a cup of Rural Radical coffee!

16 oz

Whole bean or Medium Grind